Must Read Plant-based & Holistic Medicine Headlines

Two news stories have broken this summer that show how important plant-based medicines are for patients and the future of healthcare in our country.

 The first is an investigation by CNN’s Dr Sanjay Gupta’s into the benefits of medical cannabis. You can find it here:  Read more on CNN.com

The second is a report from Johns Hopkins University showing how the alarming shortage of pharmaceutical drugs in our country is bad news for cancer patients: You can find it here: Read more on CNN.com 

More on this story here: Read more on CBSNews.com

OUR Goals

As a National Voice For Patients, our goal is to improve the Health and Health Care of the Nation. We will achieve this by campaigning to:

Regulatory Change

At State and Federal level designed to improve and increase access to high quality healthcare for all.

Highlight System Failures

Highlight inadequacies and failures of the current system like the restricted choice of treatments imposed on patients.

Treatment Education

By highlighting the hidden components in the medicines taken and how they can negatively impact the body

Improve The Environment

Focus on the need to provide clean unpolluted water and improve air quality to keep people healthy.

Safeguard New Technology

Ensure that the use of healthcare technology, and data, is safe, accountable and only used for the benefit of patients.


for ALL!

Our healthcare system is broken and under the current system it is hard to see any meaningful improvements coming anytime soon. At CPR we don’t care what side of the political divide you are on, how wealthy or poor you are or, if you wear red or blue. We care about bringing people together to campaign for the common aim of better healthcare for all.

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