Coalition for Patient Rights

A National 501(c)(4) Political Action Committee (PAC)

CPR Goals

Coalition For Patient Rights (CPR) is a national political action committee (PAC) formed in 2019 to create, foster and establish a Patient Bill of Rights capable of protecting and empowering our most vulnerable patient populations with dignity and freedom of choice when they need it most.

CPR was started by a group of concerned and underserved patients unable to obtain the care or protections needed for their legally chosen method of medical treatment. For this reason CPR forged a national movement of in support of restoring patient rights, dignity, and social equity for everyone.

The time has come to support patients.

COVID nearly decimated our healthcare systems leaving vulnerable patients without proper care. Our misguided healthcare, pharmaceutical, and insurance companies have been propped up in the name of ‘public safety’ while everyday citizens and disadvantaged populations have been let down and even forgotten.

It’s time we stop dividing and selectively empowering certain populations. It’s time to stop weaponizing the very systems that are tasked with serving us. New laws are being drafted so the healthcare system can perpetually weaponize its infrastructure against the stability of the community.  It’s time to redirect the narrative. It’s time to hear your voice and be the change you want to see.
It’s time to unite. 

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