Board of Directors - Nevada

Coalition for Patient Rights (CPR) is a National 501(c)(4) Political Action Committee (PAC) Dedicated to Patient Initiatives, Bills and Amendments, and Political Candidates and Politicians Who Support Patient Rights to Affordable, Accessible and Advanced, or Natural Integrative Healthcare Options.

CPR is active in both Legislative and Congressional Forums, Standing Up for Patient Rights when the voices of the special interest groups, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries get too loud.

The following individuals have been nominated, appointed and confirmed to the Coalition for Patient Rights – Nevada Board of Directors, for the following terms. Per a board resolution on the National level, the management, lobbying and administration of all associated chapters are also performed exclusively by Compassion Center, and MSOplus, the management services organization, with data and support verified by the Center for Incubation & Findings Research (CIFR) because the patients deserve an unbiased voice for a change. 

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Julie Monteiro, RN, BSK

President / Non-Paid Lobbyist
Elected 4 Years: Term Ends 2026
Vickie Higgins

Director / Patient Lobbyist
Elected 4 Years: Term Ends 2027
James Creel, PgM

Lobbyist Administrator
Elected 4 Years: Term Ends 2026
Jeff Krajnak, U.S.N. Veteran

Veteran Patient / Lobbyist
Elected 4 Years: Term Ends 2027
Cindy Brown

Director / Patient Lobbyist
Elected 4 Years: Term Ends 2027

Progress of CPR-Nevada Board Development


Progress of Advisory Board Committee Development


As the organization grows, so do its boards. This includes the Board of Trustees who oversee financial and fiduciary responsibilities of the PAC, and the Board of Directors who oversee the day-to-day operations and management of the National organization and individual State Chapters. Administratively, the minutia is managed by MSOplus, a division of Compassion Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit management services organization dedicated to Professional Education, Patient Advocacy and Healthcare Innovations that serve Categorically Complex, Terminally Ill and Underserved Populations. 

There are always positions available within the organization for volunteers, employees and managers who know how to get things done, and can follow rules.

To be considered, forward an email with your resume and or CV to: and someone will get back to shortly.  

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