Vox Populi: A Voice for The People

Taking A Stand Against
Medical Discrimination & Accessibility Issues

Standing Up For The Patients' Rights
Doctor visiting senior patient with family
Vox Populi: A Voice for The People

Taking A Stand Against
Medical Discrimination & Accessibility Issues

Standing Up For The Patients' Rights

About CPR...

Coalition for Patient Rights (CPR) is an organization made up of patients, nonprofits and community stakeholders dedicated to being the voice of the patient in Legislative and Congressional Forums when the special interest groups become too loud.

Managed by MSOplus, a division of Compassion Center, CPR is driven by patients, for patients, in the name of patients. Period.

CPR is a bonafide Political Action Committee, and not beholden to anyone other than the patients and the community at-large. That means that we represent the voice of the community and patients without any sort of hidden agendas, and we ensure our constituency is well-informed. Sign up for the newsletter below and stay up to date on the latest news regarding patient rights. 

Our Vision

Bringing patients together to help other patients and drive positive change as a community at-large.

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Our Mission

Implement a Patient Bill of Rights that PROTECTS patients from the fully broken healthcare systems.

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Our Value

Unity, no matter what you may represent personally, CPR tells it like it is, unapologetically as one.

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Taking Healthcare Back, To its Roots, Will YOU JOIN US?

Considering that raw minerals, plants and plant-based medicines have been an essential component to our culture, being used successfully to treat any one or more conditions for thousands of years, and the fact that the insurance companies and pharmaceuticals have only been in existence for a hundred or so years: Why are we letting infants tell us what we need as a medical society or a civilization dependent upon all natural mother earth?

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Want to Contribute to CPR?

CPR is a 501(c)(4) Political Action Committee Supporting Patient-Led Initiatives and Political Candidates Who Consistently Demonstrate Their Loyalty to Their Patient-Constituencies.

Depending on your individual circumstances, your contribution may be tax-deductible. Check with your personal tax advisor and put your money where your heart is, today.

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CPR supports patient initiatives, bills, amendments and political candidates and politicians that support the patients' rights.

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Latest News

CPR is leading the charge for patient rights. After a rocky start and an even rockier pandemic, CPR is back with the administrative support of MSOplus and Compassion Center, an organization founded by patients, for patients, with a twenty plus year reputation rooted in positive change. Join CPR today and help Compassion Center spread the love, nationally, one state and PAC at a time. 

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THIS BOX WILL CLOSE AFTER 9 SECONDS. Coalition For Patient Rights (CPR) has a 100% Volunteer Board, and operations branch. Therefore, 100% of the funds collected go towards covering the costs associated with CPR’s National outreach, education, advocacy and operational expenses. Please donate to CPR today, and stand up for patient rights. We will all become patients at some point and time, let’s redefine that into a positive transition.