Partner with CPR - Oregon

Please fill out the form below to PARTNER with CPR as a PROFESSIONAL or BUSINESS that SUPPORTS the ORGANIZATION- in ALL capacities. 

It costs absolutely nothing to join CPR as a patient and support the cause, while those considered “contributing supporters” always receive special considerations at future CPR events, CPR VIP events and promotions as a thank you for professionally, or financially supporting CPR.

Contributing supporters either contribute time or cash to the organization. Since CPR needs both, we reward those that help us make things happen.  If you, or one or more of your family members, wish to VOLUNTEER for CPR-National (CPR-USA) or any CPR-Chapter, please fill out the PARTNERSHIP form below and we will be in touch. 

Oregon: To donate money (email for BTC) to CPR-Nevada, email: 

Partners co-brand, promote and support CPR by producing, hosting or supporting CPR-National or CPR-Chapters with any one or more professional services, programs and/or campaigns, including supporting unified fundraising efforts to promote patient rights.