Bring About Regulatory Change

At State and Federal level designed to improve and increase access to high quality healthcare for all.

Our country is a land of unequalled abundance and yet over 28 million of our citizens have no health insurance. While it is true that more Americans than ever do have health insurance, it is equally true that a great many of them are faced with having to sacrifice their financial security to get the treatments they need. 

The 2010 Affordable Care Act was a long overdue step forward for our healthcare, but it did not remove many of the deductibles and co-pays that often make access to medicines unaffordable even with insurance.

 For too long our healthcare has been used as an ideological football by Democrats and Republicans. While they talk over each other, their proposals are often too partisan to get enough votes for meaningful change. Too often their reforms are designed to demonstrate loyalty to ‘the cause’ and appeal to their base, rather than to bring about improved healthcare for all Americans.

Our system is broken, so much so it is hard to see any meaningful improvements coming anytime soon. Regardless of which side of the political divide you’re on, we must all come together to support non-partisan health reform that will put forward new legislation with some chance of breaking through old divisions at State and Federal level.

CPR believes it is time to stop these divisions. The only winners are those vested interests in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and insurance industries who exploit partisan initiatives for their own purposes at the cost of better patient outcomes.  

CPR is committed to supporting legislation at State and Federal level that improves patient access to better healthcare. We are currently using the legislative process in the most populous States to promote good bi-partisan legislation and prevent bad actors from exploiting the system.  

Supporting legislation such as the Nursing and Medical Licensing Compact Acts which allow our nurses and doctors to work in all 50 states through a compact liscense with additional riders for each state. Or the Kratom Revision Act designed to stop bad actors selling or distributing kratom products unless they are registered with the State Board of Oriental Medicine. 

There’s no doubt the supporters of CPR’s biggest success to date was the passing of Ryan’s Law in California and the introduction of Ryan’s Law in Nevada. The California law originally commenced on January 1st, 2022, which requires healthcare facilities to allow terminally ill patients to consume medical cannabis on the premises to ease their pain and suffering. We are currently campaigning for the introduction of Ryan’s Law in several other states across America.


Be The Change


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