Educate People About The Treatments They Are Given.

When we take prescription drugs, we assume that we are taking something that is good for us, something that will help our bodies get better. However, that isn’t always the case. We’ve all been told to be careful when taking pain killers that contain Opioids, what we’re not told about is all the other ingredients contained in prescription drugs, many of which can also be harmful to us. 

Most prescription drugs now contain a wide range of fillers that we are not told about, some even contain “nano” tracking technologies. From artificial flavors and sweetening syrups to cover up foul tastes, to alcohol/ethanol and certain proteins that make the drugs easier to swallow, digest and even metabolize.  Some drugs contain poisons that we wouldn’t dream of taking in their natural form.  For example, Arsenic is used in the treatment of cancer while snake venom is used to treat hypertension and thrombosis. Foxgloves and Henbane are also used in several drugs. Whilst many of these fillers are necessary to ensure that the medicine you’re taking works, or synergizes with another drug or even one’s body, some can be very damaging to our health if taken over a prolonged period of time. For example, if one’s diet changes noticeably or if you lose a significant amount of weight.

Possessing a substance such as Arsenic in its natural form is of course illegal. It is a deadly poison after all! However, exemptions are given to drug companies to use it and other poisons for medical purposes. One of the questions we at CPR ask ourselves is ‘How come these exemptions for medical purposes do not apply to all plant-based medicines that have proven to keep people healthy, in many cases for thousands of years?’ For example, Psilocybin and Cannabis/Hemp. 

The first record of cannabis’ use for medical purposes dates to 4000 BC.

There is extensive world-wide evidence of cannabinoid components being used across the centuries as a painkiller, anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic and for many other illnesses. However, late in the last century it was classified as a highly dangerous drug and banned because of its use as marijuana.  Unlike arsenic and snake venom, no exemptions were given for medical purposes despite thousands of years of evidence of its medical benefits. Many questions remain why this blanket ban was imposed. What was the medical rationale?  Which vested interests were served by such a ban. What was their role in pushing through that legislation? 

Thankfully, mainly due to pressure from the public and progressive organizations, the use of cannabis as a highly beneficial treatment is fast returning to the medical arsenal in the USA.

That said, as with the pharmaceutical industry there are good and bad actors. CPR is aware there are bad actors out there who are beginning to exploit this new medical awakening for cannabis and are marketing cheap, low quality and often unsafe products. Medical cannabis does not need fillers, solvents, or any other artificial additives to benefit our health. 

CPR believes the return of medical cannabis and its availability for patients is a major step forward for those who are sick in the USA. We will campaign to ensure that those who are producing it and bringing it to market are doing so to improve our people’s health, not solely to pocket a quick buck! A major part of this campaign is the CPR Emerald Standard Medal (EMS). We will be awarding the ESM to those companies and organizations who are producing and marketing cannabinoid health products that are free of unnecessary additives or fillers. 


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