Why Blackmarket Patients Are A Myth

Doctor visiting senior patient with family

Fact is: People have been helping other people since the beginning of time, bartering for everything you can imagine from food and vegetables to animal hides and fur skins, because strictly consuming one’s resources without providing some form of reciprocity is not just unethical, its also unsustainable and just plain rude. Yet, patients today are forced to fend for themselves, are commonly prohibited the ability to exercise their rights and are even prohibited from bartering and reimbursing other patients for the medicinal plants that they exchange, all of which has evolved into laws, from administrative rules and overreaching barriers that are getting out of hand. 

Unfortunately, bundt cake doesn’t pay for the utilities, nor does it cover the cost of property taxes, equipment, supplies or otherwise. Furthermore, patients are sick, and caregivers are taking care of the patients. So those arguments aren’t valid as those duos and partnerships aren’t generally able to, or capable of propagating and producing amounts large enough to logistically commercialize- think house plants- so they aren’t making any real margin on any exchanges that they may initiate if they overcome the anxiety associated with, but that doesn’t stop the establishment from being used as scapegoats by the bureaucrats and special interest groups. 

Something else to consider: The “Blackmarket” is typically run by the cartels, the drug dealers and the traffickers who go out of their way to avoid paying taxes or their fair share for society. This simply isn’t the case for patients, as the patients pay sales taxes, property taxes, utility taxes and more, all the while contributing to the local economy. The time has come for bureaucrats to stop scapegoating patients and focus their energies on the real blackmarket and stop weaponizing patients because they are safer and easier to apprehend: Wheelchairs don’t work well in prison, and neither do debilitating disabilities. 

CPR has taken a hard stand on this subject, and wishes to set the record straight, while working towards eliminating the stigma, and barriers to care, among other things that continue to stand in the way of hard working well-deserving citizens from obtaining the medicine that works best for them. Take a stand with CPR today: Donate, Join and Volunteer- let’s take back our healthcare. 

About the author: J.B. Creel is a career administrator and is the former Chief Research Officer for Cannalogix Foundation Research Institute. CFRI is part of the organization that created, guided and continues to steward the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (Act) on behalf of categorically complex, terminally ill and chronic patients in Oregon.

To learn more about Cannalogix or the Stormy Ray Cardholders Foundation, please visit: www.Cannalogix.org or www.StormyRay.org 

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