Improve The Environment We Live In:

We are all Interconnected with and Dependent on the Environment we live in.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the natural world that surrounds us is not just vital to both our physical and mental health, but also for the future of our and our children’s lives on this wonderful planet we all live on.

Clean air and clean water are essential to us if we are to keep healthy. Breathing in polluted air or drinking contaminated waters:

A long-term danger to those of us who are currently fit and healthy.

A serious threat to children and pregnant women.

A question of life or death to people suffering with underlying health conditions such as respiratory and heart disease, and some types of cancer.

We should be under no illusion that this is a growing problem in the USA.
According to the CDC air pollution alone can restrict the ability of our hearts to pump blood, restrictions that can trigger heart attacks, heart failure and strokes. For example, Toxin inhalation, such as pesticides, have been directly attributed to a 20% increase in brain cancer amongst farmers. Asthma sufferers are often unable to go outside in many of our cities at the height of summer because of air pollution.

Drinking water contamination is also becoming an increasing problem. The residents of Jackson Mississippi have had to regularly boil their drinking water for the last few years. For a time in 2022 they had no drinking water at all. This is not an isolated case. In the same year contamination of drinking water also happened in Hawaii, parts of New York and Baltimore, and we are yet to see the full health impact of the lead contamination in the water that the people of Flint Michigan are still coping with.

CPR believes that air and water pollution are two of the greatest threats to the. Health of all of us. There are currently 10 federal laws that cover a range of environmental and pollution issues most of which are no longer pertinent to the world we live in. New legislation is urgently needed. 

CPR supports all initiatives that will:


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